The below variations characterize natural leather and can not be considered as defects.

Color variation occurs during the dyeing process when different parts of the hide absorbs the dye in varying amounts and proportionalities.

Grain Variation are due from using different parts of the animal hide causing the variation in grain pattern.

Grubs Marks are caused by Iarvae penetrating the hide resulting in swelling and perforation of the hide

Insects Bites Marks such as ticks ,mosquitoes and other bug bites will leave spotted marks

Scrapes in the layer of hide are caused by horn fighting

Belly 's Skin is thinner and subject to marble like patterns ,inconsistant with other parts of the hide's grain.

Vein Marks show the inconsistancy in the pattern which means its a natural leather .

Stretch Marks appear the hide has stretch due to rapid growth or pregnancy during its life time .

Scar Marks are caused by various reasons like scrapes cut and abraison.

Recovered Scar Marks caused by grain to be faint

Neck Lines are mild creases typically found in the neck and shoulder area where loose skin is located

Wrinkles normally appear when thick leather is bent back on itself .

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