At we freely offer International freight quotes for our customers. We make it our business to support our customer’s business. Our team of sales representatives is available to help navigate documentation.
Types of Freight Quotes We Offer:
Less than- Container Load (LCL) – For freight shipments that will not fill an entire shipping container. If accepted the customer will only pay for the space occupied based on location, dimensions, mode, and cargo type.
Full Container Load (FCL) – For freight loads that require an entire container. FCL is more expensive than LCL because the container is exclusive.
Air Freight – Although more expensive than other options, shipping freight via an air carrier typically ensures the fastest delivery for time-sensitive domestic and international cargo.
International – When you ship to destinations outside China the process becomes significantly more complex because of required documentation, tariffs, and customs laws.
Ocean – The least expensive shipping option for large and heavy freight cargo destined for overseas delivery.


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