Export-beds.com FULL CONTAINER PURCHASE( FCP) is a service within Export-beds.com’s FOB sales terms where a customer’s total order meets a volume of one full container.
Once this option selected the customer’s order(s) will be loaded into a container by Export-beds.com staffs, at its facilities in Foshan ,with the goods exclusively sold through Export-beds.com.
A Loding Report will be sent to the customer see loading report sample here
Export-beds.com then processes the goods through China Customs formalities and delivers on to the vessel designated by the customer.
The(FCP) service is free of charges for customer’s with orders meeting the cubic capacity of a:
20 feet full container see loading capacity details here
40 feet full container see loading capacity details here
40 feet HC (High Cube) full container see loading details here


With Export-beds.com FULL CONTAINER PURCHASE (FCP) customers buying from us may benefit from:
Ordering the Quantities their business relly needs
Less M.O.Q Minimum Order Quantity per item
( A full container purchase can be 1 or more categories loaded in the same container.)
Less buffer stock needed due to high freight traffic from China ;
Save money on the use of less storage space:
Save money by minimizing the risk of stocking non seller products
Save money by cuting out the middle man .
Save money on cuting out on Quality Control Agent
Export-beds.com takes care of your products quality control.
Save money on Logistics Agent
Export-beds.com takes care of all export formalities and deliver your goods on the vessel designated by the customer.
Export-beds.com takes care of you product loading accordingly to your country’s specifications for loading/unloading containers and thus within international standards.
Save Money on sourcing products for your business
Export-beds.com updates its products every month.
Save money on Business trips to China
Export-beds.com may assist the customer upon request in getting the best feight deal from China .

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